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The twentieth century Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung's theory of psychological type underpins much thinking about personality.

There are many questionnaires which are used to indicate likely personality type, and applications of type theory range from relationship counselling to careers advice, from individual to organisational development.

The most widely used of the indicators is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)*. As an MBTI® practitioner, I have used the indicator primarily in team and organisational development work. As a meetings professional, however, I have increasingly come to see the relevance of type awareness, in designing and running events, from the perspectives of clients, organisers, presenters and attendees alike.

As a consequence, I have been concerned to develop a type assessment system which can easily, effectively and cost efficiently be used in such settings. Rainbow-Plus ® is the result. Building on my interpretation of the key elements of Jungian type theory, Rainbow-Plus ® focuses on what I have observed people to find most useful.

Rainbow-Plus ® is a highly visual and interactive system, which can be used at events, to enable participants to use type awareness, to enhance both learning and networking.

At the type assessment session, which can be either an opening keynote, or an after dinner session, each participant is supplied with a twenty page workbook, which is used during the process of completing the twenty question type indicator, self assessing type, and exploring some of the implications of type differences and how to turn them to advantage.

During self assessment, participants are guided through the Rainbow-Plus ® diagram, and helped to decide which of the 16 symbols depicts their type.

The workbook contains stickers denoting each type, and these can be attached to delegate badges. This means that, throughout the event, participants are able to observe how different types behave, to note findings in their workbooks, and use the guidance notes in the books to understand how their observations might best be utilised.

Having been first motivated to develop this system for use at events, it is proving equally effective for team and organisational development. More about Rainbow-Plus ®

* MBTI® is a registered trademark of The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust.