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Many organisations choose to place some or all of their workshop and conference services with a professional conference organiser. Others use an agency to find their venues, but handle other matters in-house. Some use senior staff in matters of programme content and more junior staff to deal with logistics.

What will prove effective for an organisation will depend on its particular needs, resources.and desired outcomes. What everyone will want, however, are events which give a high return on investment in terms of business, organisational and profile development. Experience in all aspects of meeting, conference and business planning as well as in facilitation and training means I am able to offer a high value service. 

I am especially useful to those who need help in designing their events, to ensure objectives are achieved, but are also concerned to use their own staff, so as to maximise the interplay between events and other activities such as, for example, membership growth, customer loyalty schemes or brand development.

Having helped a client develop the shape of a conference, I am able to find venues (at no cost to the client), source speakers and companies dealing in production or translation, and also to train facilitators and staff in all the activities needed to ensure a successful event. I am also able to carry out evaluations.